eBlast - Current Update
The Community Center and Administrative Offices will be closed on Tuesday, September 15
to prepare for the opening for the Expansion & Exclosure Project on Wednesday, September 16.
During the Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, September 9 at 10 a.m.,
the Board decided upon the use of the newly expanded and remodeled areas.
You must make reservations through the Front Desk 
for all activities throughout the Community Center by calling 702-638-5063. 
Face Masks are required to enter the building and for all activities.
*  Computers - Limited to 1 hour & 45 minutes per person, 3-person-limit per time slot.
*  Library - Limited to 15 minutes per person for book selection, 2-person-limit per time slot.
*  Activity Room - Limited to Meetings and Clubs only.
*  Shuffleboard  -  Limited to 1 hour & 45 minutes per person, 2-person-limit per time slot. 
*  Dartboard - Limited to 1 hour & 45 minutes per person, 2-person-limit per time slot. 
* Billiard Room - Limited to 1 hour & 45 minutes, 2-person-limit per table.
Masks must be worn at all times while playing and using 
any of the areas listed above.  
*  Fireplace Room Seating Area - (Not available at this time.)
*  Grand View Room – Multiple Seating Areas (Not available at this time.)
For next two weeks, reservations for the Gym, Pool, Fitness Classes, Computers, Library, Billiard Room,  Shuffleboard and Dartboard will take place beginning on
Thursdays, September 10 and September 17 (not as regularly scheduled on Tuesdays)
for the following week between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. only.
We will resume the regular Tuesday reservation schedule,
beginning September 22 for the following week.
·        To make a reservation, you must call 702-638-5063 and provide your name, cell number and the activity you would like to reserve.
·        You may email your reservation to SCALCCReservations@suncityaliante.us beginning on Thursday
for the following week.
Please include the following information in your email:
       1.  Name
     2.  Address 
     3.  Telephone Number 
4.  Dates & Times requested, and you will be contacted with a confirmation. 
·         Each household will be allowed to reserve the Pool Area and the Fitness Center for 45 minutes only as many times as they would like each week at the beginning of the hour.  This will permit the Maintenance Team 15 minutes to properly sanitize the equipment. 
We will accept reservations up to 24 hours in advance for all activities. 
At this time, due to our limited capacity, guests will not be permitted to use these facilities.
If you are unable to keep your reservation, please give a "Courtesy Call the the Front Desk at
702-638-5063, so that another resident may enjoy that time.  We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.  
We are excited to welcome you to all of the newly expanded and remodeled areas in the
Community Center!  Thank you for your patience and understanding
during the construction period. 
Sun City Aliante Board of Directors 
The is a publication of Sun City Aliante